Real Estate: 21 Henry Ave $135,000 Near the Bluff

21 Henry Ave Newburgh NY

If you are looking for a way to get into the Heights neighborhood here is a lovely option. The home is being listed as a 3 family. However, if you were to convert this back into a 1 family (even a 2 family!) and spruce up the façade, you would make a lot of neighbors happy! The lawn in not maintained and that white siding has seen better days. Maybe there are even original spindles hidden behind the wood paneling on the porch? If you would like inspiration on ideas to restore a wooden house, check out this beautiful Brooklyn blog.

On the inside there are kitchens that probably need to be gutted, but there are good bones. Also, judging from the photos there is a balcony out back. If you can handle a renovation, this is an excellent place to put down roots in Newburgh. The bluff is just down the block which is a lovely area where neighbors gather in the summer time. Just check out this house a few doors down that restored the exterior, and what it difference it made for the block! More details below.

21 Henry Ave Newburgh NY
Asking Price: $135,000
Year Built: 1890
Size: 2,964 sq ft
Taxes: $8,742
Neighborhood: The Heights
Distance to NYC: 55.3 mi, 1 hour 6 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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  • I just hope someone is wise enough to snap up this house. Then look at 17 & 25 Overlook Place on both sides of my house and snap those up also. There were hopes for both of them but alas it seems both deals have fallen through the cracks of the bureaucracy.

  • Rehabbing this house would do so much for this block. I hope someone buys it and lives in it too.

  • I actually sent this on my Facebook page to friends in Milwaukee who loved the Victorian, thought it was a WOW house and then looked at the taxes and said, no, no. The one on Henry they did not like as much of course but were will to see it as a fixer upper but, again, when they saw the taxes of close to $9,000, they lost interest. Taxes, and for the services we get in the City of Newburgh, are holding a lot of people back from buying.

  • I owned this house for like 25 yrs or so till about 2000 and did a lot of infrastructure improvements. There are more positives than you mention. I’m surprised it’s back on the market.

  • A lot can happen in 13 years Ed, but please do share the other positives I missed. Maybe that will motivate a buyer.

  • I actually rebuilt that porch so that it was preserved pretty much as original. At the time (mid-1980’s) I did not have the money to redo the spindles although that would not be a big deal. The porches both front and rear where redone at the same time and I would assume they are still structurally in good shape.

    The entire house has blown in insulation as well as new storm windows as of that same time so is extremely well insulated and low cost to “own” compared with many of the beautiful brick buildings in Newburgh which are a challenge to keep heated cost effectively.

    The bathrooms and kitchens where all modestly upgraded and nice but “simple” as of 2000.

    This house also has a bit of a river view from the 3rd floor balcony on the rear as well as a great back yard for the 1st floor apartment.

    I’m tempted to buy it back. Newburgh has so many great houses though… 🙂

  • Thanks for the info Ed, it sounds like a solid house. Can you tell me what is under the white siding? Brick or wood? We were curious about that.

  • This is a frame house. There might be clapboard under the asbestos siding (I don’t remember) but the siding is in pretty good shape. The challenge is painting the trim which is a pretty big job but the trim at that time was also in pretty good shape. I was deliberate in not doing vinyl siding to cover the trim and I did some repairs on it which is a lot tougher. The asbestos shingles probably date back to the 30’s so it probably is a safe assumption that there is clapboard underneath. I kept the shingles in good repair and with a paint job the house looks as good as an 1890’s frame house can look. This was not a high end house to begin with (nor where any of the others off of the bluff that I can tell) but had most of the original woodwork which is limited to the doors (simple) and the staircase (pretty nice but narrow). The first floor I redid the floors and are very nice hardwood as I recall. The 2nd and third floor still look like they have the carpet I put down around 1985 and those floors need to have carpeting.

  • Thanks Ed, very helpful for the future owner!