Rescue Me: 195 First Street

195 First St Newburgh NY

Here is a gorgeous massive home that is abandoned at the corner of First Street and South Miller. The front entrance is actually on South Miller, but for some strange reason the address looks like it is registered on First Street. Finally a home that has a phone # outside for those of you interested in purchasing one of these homes. The number looks to be: 845-728-3303.

From the photo it looks like there used to be a porch surrounding the entrance. The left side addition could be a house just in itself. The house in the rear was for sale last year and also has gorgeous details. It was supposedly bought but remains in the same condition. And, there is a nice cobblestone driveway in the rear of the house.

A trip to the library or historical society would probably reveal original photos of this home as well as some information about the original owners. RESCUE ME! For inspiration, check out this amazing transformation of another house in despair.

There are over 700 abandoned or vacant homes in Newburgh. Habitation of these homes is vital to Newburgh’s future.

195 First St Newburgh NY Google Map

195 First St Newburgh NY

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  • This building has been vacant since I was a little boy!!! Would love to see people occupying its spaces!!

  • They need a community development to come in there. These buildings should be brought before the city, county, state; meetings. What is the city’s legislators doing too restore the communities?

  • We don’t need the govt directly. We need preservationists, artists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and families who want to be invested in our community.

  • Is the land zoned for residential or commercial use?

  • the address is so obscure. When I use the address 195 First, property records have it listed as a one family. The main entrance is on S. Miller but there’s no matching address for that. It looks like it SHOULD be 93 S. Miller, but you won’t be able to find any details on that address. Try calling the # on the house for more details.

  • I would love to purchase this and have it as a one family home. This is one of the few places that I have seen that can become much more than a “Cute” renovation. Some beautiful curved windows with a second story veranda. Add a roof top patio and game over! ha!

    I bet the price for sale is vastly more than what it is worth. Likely citing use as a rental home (too many in Newburgh already). If this were sold as is for ~50K I would throw down.

  • Hey, I was just looking for info on this place the other day. Every time I drive by, I try to imagine what it must have looked like when it was new. In the 1980 East End Historic District Survey, they say 193 First Street is also known as 57 South Miller, but when you look up 193 First Street, they describe an entirely different building. This, however, is their description of 57 South Miller, which is said to date to 1870. Obviously there is no porch now, but doesn’t this description sound a lot like this building in the pic?

    “Three-and-one-half-story, five-bay residence; flat roof, bracketed cornice and panelled frieze; eyebrow, 4/4 and 6/6 windows; arched brick lintels and stone sills and water table; double, glazed and panelled door with arched transom; porch has bracketed cornice, chamfered columns, turned balusters, brackets and pendants; good condition.”

    In any case, with the windows, doors & porch restored and this would be a very impressive building.

  • Hi Cher,

    I was interested so I called. The phone number is a non working number. I’m also unable to find the home on etc. I wonder what they’re asking for it. I note the one on 197 First which had very nice details inside sold for roughly $25K in Oct 2012. Have they renovated that house?

    • That is really frustrating about the phone number. Not since I last looked a week ago Peter. It’s still in the same condition, unless the boards are still up and work is being done inside. That’s another amazing home.