Home Renovation Adventures: Scraping the Grime


Bob has been so kind keeping us abreast his home renovation adventures of his home on Chambers Street. Recently he shared the less glamorous part of renovating a home, cleaning up the grime that might be left over from previous owners. Pictured above is his oven when he moved in. Note that the white writing on the door, instructions on lighting the pilot light, were completely obscured.


It’s a world of difference, and we like that Bob decided to recycle a functioning oven instead of just sending it to a land fill! As Bob said, “Sometimes renovating an old neglected house means having to deal with the likes of this.” Next we are off to his bathroom tile…


Words don’t seem to capture the amount of filth Bob encountered while cleaning this bathroom. But after much effort, he was able to make a lot of headway.


Bob says that he is by no means done, but it’s well on it’s way. He actually had to use a razor scraper on the tiles! If only move Newburgh homes could be shown this kind of love!

Home renovation adventures are inspiring to others considering buying a repairing an old Newburgh home. If you would like to share your own home renovation adventure photos, please email me.