Filming ‘Mi America’ on Liberty St today in Newburgh


Some of you may remember actor/director Robert Fontaine in the interview we did with him on ‘Meet a Newburgher’. Thanks to a reader, here are some exclusive shots of his new film, Mi America, being filmed on Liberty St. in the Heights in Newburgh. Robert is also actively involved in Newburgh’s film office and hopes to get the word out to his film making colleagues that Newburgh is a very affordable and arts-friendly city only a short drive from NYC.

The plethora of architectural styles in both residential and commercial buildings, as well as the proximity to some of Hudson Valley’s most beautiful natural settings, along with a friendly and ‘take-action’ community are some of the reasons we will soon be seeing this full-length feature film “Mi America’ soon! Perhaps a premiere at our Downing Film Center? See below for more photos-








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  • Hi Cher…is this currently being filmed in the Heights? (that would be exciting!!). I’ve tried to find info about “MI America” and the posts are all like 2-3 years old on its facebook page and wikapedia.

    • Hey Mike, yeah being filmed in the Heights. Those pictures were taken yesterday during the shoot.

      • That’s great Cher. Mr Fontaine with a combintion of his restoration/rehabing efforts and his acting/directing craft is a symbol of Newburghs’s promising future!!

  • How cool to see Newburgh on its way to being famous in the movies!! I was down the street from this very location one day earlier. Too bad I missed seeing all the excitement.

  • Hey Mr. Fontaine, if you are reading this, Im a talent from South FL with an extensive reel of previous work. If you can use me for “Mi America” project in August 2013 I will be in NY Mid August. Former Newburgh resident