Caffe Macchiato SOLD


Here’s a huge news update about Caffe Macchiato, apparently it has been SOLD. We received a tip saying that a man showed up to last night’s business association meeting claiming that he purchased Caffe Macchiato! He will keep the same business name and re-open under new management on Sept 9. This is huge news especially since so many people were worried that it would be gone forever.

What improvements could the new owner of Caffe Macchiato make to keep this business alive?

Caffe Macchiato has been a cornerstone to the revitalization that could only have been possible due to the owners, Barbara and Edwin. Thanks for all your hard work all these years!

– Photo via Newburgh Restoration flickr pool user Amanda Jillian

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  • Please please add a few child friendly items to the menu! I always want to head there for brunch with my daughter but there’s very little she can eat. How about the new trend of five star versions of grilled cheese? Be creative with unique breads, cheeses and condiments for example; seven grain raisin bread with cheddar or brie, bacon and apple compote makes a perfect breakfast or roasted garlic artisan bread with mozzarella and pesto or marinara for lunch. It’s very simple, high margin, low waste way to bring in moms who lunch while maintaining the gourmet cafe standards.

  • What improvements could the new owner of Caffe Macchiato make to keep this business alive? Just the idea of a new owner is a start! Better customer relations viewing your customers and clients as only a source of money, but not as individuals with needs, wants, desires is the wrong way to go.

  • Good news! I know the family, they are wonderful people and I am sure they will maintain what Barbara and Edwin started and Caffe’ Macchiato will remain an important part of the revitalization of Newburgh. I wish all parties the very best!

  • This is great news. I’m looking foward to meeting the new owner. Thank you to Edwin & Barbara for establishing this place as anchor of the revitalization of Washington Market.

  • step 1…keep true coffee shop hours. early AM open on weekdays and as late as possible on weekends.

  • Wish Barbara and Edwin much happiness in the future!!!!!

  • easier in and out for take out drinks

  • Noooooooooooooooooo. Awesome coffee lol

  • Earlier morning hours! 10am on weekdays SUCK when I’m craving a delicious croissant.

  • Good luck to Barbara, Edwin and Inez in their new lives! We will miss your faces!!Thank you for putting in the hard work and the time to grow the cafe into real cornerstone in Newburgh and a place where so many great connections were made. I am glad the new owners will respect the efforts of the past and maintain the name, and anticipate the new mark they will put on the place. Early morning hours and late night hours with meals using the very best of local ingredients, prepared in a simple but transformative way would be a nice start (just kidding,um, sort of). Really, just so happy that the cafe will move forward for the next ten years and beyond.

  • WOW!! This is huge news for the community. I am so happy that this space is not going to be lost in the revitalization process for Newburgh. Congratulations to the new owners! I am super excited to try out the new restaurant. WELCOME!! As far as recommendations? Please have a few vegetarian options, and I will be a happy customer!!

  • Good luck to the Seymours and many thanks for slugging it out during the really tough years. They helped put this town on the map and I’m happy they can now go do good things for somewhere else.

  • Thank you for many wonderful meals! Please continue to source local items when possible and to have delicious and savory items! Early hours would be good! The Friday film series with downing…reach out to the Mount, SUNY Orange and St. Luke’s staff for,frequent flier discounts.

  • To be able to change an item to your liking from the menu. Asking for no mustard on a sandwich and being told no is poor customer service. I think that’s a totally reasonable request.

  • It’s exciting to see that there is a revitalization project going on in Newburgh. I grew up there and always loved the old brownstones. Exciting and all the best with the cafe!

  • Caffe Macchiato has been a huge staple in the City of Newburgh. Wish Barbara and family the best but they lacked huge customer skills. Let’s be honest this isn’t Brooklyn and their main limitation was their lack of flexibility and just plain friendliness. There was no other restaurant like it in the city so there was no other option. But Newburgh wont live or die if CM goes away but it does show that there is huge potential to build a good product with great service. In regard to the new menu suggestions: better hours (especially morning), delivery, much more seasonal items and a killer bloody mary wouldn’t be so bad 🙂 Good luck

  • Wifi would be nice… And something in the window that lights especially now that its getting dark