New Forum Feature on Newburgh Restoration

Forum 1

I am really excited to announce one of the new features I have been wanting to bring to NR for a long time, a forum! You can find it up in the menu above. The forum is going to be the platform for anyone with general Newburgh questions or anyone looking for help renovating a home. The benefit of a forum is that community members with knowledge can help answer your questions and this also makes it easier for me to focus on other aspects of the blog. You will have to register and create a login name.

Please use it as your first source when asking a question and Newburghers please visit often to answer topics that have been posted – especially those interested in restoring a house, opening a business, or moving to Newburgh!

It would be wise to read the Community Standards page to learn what kind of behavior is tolerated in the forum and what kinds of topics are allowed.