Newburgh Portfolio October 18

Newburgh Portfolio


The Newburgh Portfolio, founded by Newburgh resident and picture framer Eric Jarmann, was designed to bring local creative professionals together to inspire connection and collaboration. Newburgh Portfolio’s third networking event is scheduled for the evening of Friday October 18th at The Newburgh Brewing Company located in Newburgh, NY.

Says Jarmann, “It is our goal to give local artists a relaxed forum for their ideas and projects. The Portfolio gets everyone in the same room – which is always the first step in creative professionals working together. After that, great things are bound to happen.”

During his years as a picture framer and gallery owner, Jarmann got to meet many local artists. But he noticed that they often knew nothing of each other. Then there were always new artists moving to Newburgh who were eager to meet the locals. “Working artists can find themselves a bit isolated,” explained Jarmann, ” but the solution seemed plain and simple: just get these talented people in a room and introduce them to each other.” And so Newburgh Portfolio was born. Jarmann explained, “a creative person will collect their talents and experience into a portfolio in order to share them with others, hence, the name Newburgh Portfolio.”

He also points out that the events are not just limited to practitioners of traditional fine arts. “Our gatherings include people from all the creative professions. Painters, photographers, sculptors, designers, musicians, dancers, writers, videographers, editors, poets, singers, architects, graphic designers, illustrators, bookbinders, printers, framers, furniture and food-makers. Plus, a few more I’m sure I left out.”

“Newburgh tends to be more of a working creative community,” says Jarmann, “and very hard working at that. So far we don’t have an arts district or abundant exhibit or retail opportunities. But with over 150 people at our last Portfolio event, and with more and more artists moving into the area to set up studios and ateliers, there is no doubt Newburgh is growing in the right direction. In fact there was just an open studio tour where visitors got to meet over 40 established and emerging artists while viewing their art and exploring their studio space.” Jarmann feels it is only a matter of time before Newburgh makes its mark in the creative world because of the caliber of it’s working artists, and his mission is to help that along by creating events where the necessary connections are made and strong cross links formed.

The next event for Newburgh Portfolio will be on Friday October 18th from 6-10 PM at The Newburgh Brewing Company located at 88 Colden Ave Newburgh NY 12550 845-569-2337. Free admission. Cash bar and menu. Family friendly atmosphere. Find Eric Jarmann and Newburgh Portfolio on Face Book.