Before and After: 9-11 Catherine Street

9-11 Catherine Street. 1. before. front detail copy

Here is a before an after of a gorgeous building on Catherine Street that has what I would call Gothic features. The designs of many row homes have been repeated quite often, but not this one. One of the great things about Newburgh is discovering these unique homes. This one though, almost didn’t survive according to Drew Kartiganer. The building was totally devastated, did not have a certificate of occupancy and probably would’ve been torn down by now. Look at the photos below and you can see see the sky right through the roof from the second floor! There was snow inside the building as well as vines. It was a complete shell. Fortunately Drew gave us a lot of nitty gritty before and after photos, enjoy!

9-11 Catherine A

9-11 Catherine. before. construction image. exterior image. b4  copy

9-11Catherine B

It’s been about 11 years since the house was restored. Drew says it could probably use a little paint, but it is a solid building. He was also the architect, developer and contractor. A total of $2.2 million dollars was invested on 5 abandoned and devastated shells. We hope to show you some other photos of the other projects that were done.  Take your pick if you want to save your own abandoned Newburgh home. There’s about 700 more of these.

This project is a great reminder of the potential of Newburgh abandoned buildings that people say should be torn down. The character of these homes can never be replaced or duplicated. Thanks Drew Kartiganer for sharing the photos!

9-11 Catherine. after. 04 .front elevation copy

9-11 Catherine C

9-11 Catherine. side porch image. complete. detail 1 copy

Here is a close up of the side porch. The same beautiful window motif carries over here, and the star bolts also give the building a lot of character.

Developer: Dwelling Group, Inc.
Architect: Drew Kartiganer
Owner: Works IV Associates, Limited Partnership
9-11 Catherine D


If you have your own before and after photos to share of your home exterior or interior and would like to share it on Newburgh Restoration, please email me.

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  • So gorgeous! I grew up in Newburgh, though my family moved away in the early 80s; it’s wonderful to see these homes being restored!

  • Stunning restoration. Hats off to Drew. A building in that condition would almost always be considered a tear down, so making the effort to restore it takes great dedication.

  • Wow, what an absolutely amazing transformation!! This is my dream – to restore a once-beautiful home to its former grandeur. One day!

  • That is a gorgeous job, but what’s the availability for those of us who don’t have those resources?

    • Pamela, to undertake a project of this caliber you need the funds to be able to complete something like this (cash). There are various homes in various stages that need saving. So at the other end of the spectrum try finding a home that would qualify for rehabilitation grants or a 203k loan. Happy house hunting!

  • Great job I love when these houses in Newburgh get brought back to life it’s Amazing

  • That’s amazing!

  • Beautiful!!!! Where is Catherine Street located in Newburgh? I know I have seen this building but can’t remember where the street is.

  • It turned out beautiful, a few years back there was another house on Catherine Street on the Christmas Tour. It too was restored beautifully.


  • What a beautiful transformation!

  • mind blowingly WOW

  • beautiful!

  • Absolutely incredible – a true labor of love! I have a background in construction and rehabbing, but to look at the before and after pictures I would never think such a transformation could be possible. Awesome!!!!!

  • Mr. Kartiganer has transformed several completely gutted, historically significant buildings in the City of Newburgh. He’s gone above and beyond to bring them back into use- and restored them appropriately. There are few such heroes in Newburgh- he is one of them. It is quite a challenge to restore one building in such a state and quite another to take on as many as Mr. Kartiganer has. Bravo! It would be great to see more of his projects on this blog. They are very inspiring!

  • My uncle owned the house on 3 Catherine st. He moved from New York City for a better life for his family. We lived at 71 Broadway and 125 Lander St I believe these have long since been torn down.aybe someday Newburgh will come back and be a safe place to live. We use to play in the Liberty St playground located at the start of Catherine St.