Home Renovation Adventures: A new door


You might not see cranes and tractor trailers on every block in Newburgh, but that doesn’t mean Newburghers aren’t busy at work fixing up their historic homes. These are photos from the Pavlik Family newlyweds who moved to Newburgh in August of 2012 and wed August of 2013. Nathan describes the renovation pictures:

Our latest project was to install a rear entrance door. Like most projects around the house, this is a work “in progress”. We’ve replaced all the windows in the rear of the house, and swapped the one for a door. We still need to address the soffits and basement windows… and the list goes on. A deck is (hopefully) next summers project.

See what their project looks like now:


It’s so great to see a new generation caring for an old home and filling it with love. If you would like to do the same in the City of Newburgh, there are plenty of options for you!

If you would like to share your own home renovation adventure photos or a before an after transformation, please email me!