Homes Needed for the 2013 Candlelight Tour


The Candlelight Tour hosted by the Historical Society brings out some of the biggest crowds to Newburgh each year. People like you and me and gawk and all the gorgeous architecture that Newburgh has to offer. However, it seems the same homes are on tour every year and a request is going out for new homes to be featured this year. Part of the fun is getting to see new homes! Plus, you will be helping the Historical Society since this is their annual fundraiser.

Only the rooms the owner wishes need be shown like hall, parlors and maybe kitchen. No one needs to traipse through every nook and cranny. It is not a real estate tour.  The Society could provide volunteers who could house-sit a home if it is one that has owners not in town on December 8th.

If you are interested contact one of the following people below:

Warren Cahill – 562-5639 –
Sue Knieser – 564-4184 –
Carla Decker – 565-4352 –
Bill Mocko – 562-6517

Photo © Johanna Porr

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  • I have participated in this, and besides helping the Historical Society, and showing Newburgh in a good light to many visitors, you get to meet lots of people in a short period of time, some of whom live in the local area. It’s a great community-builder, and I STRONGLY encourage people to be a part of it.