Home Renovation Adventures: A hole in the Wall


On his latest home renovation adventures Bob shares with us the work that he is doing to the base of the stairs to the third floor of his home. There used to be a hole in the wall before Bob patched it up which, he thinks was either put there by a fist or a foot! He’s fixing this space in phases but knew he wanted a strong color, and so opted for a deep Aura Red. It still needs another coat.


About this second photo Bob says, “The picture over the bookcase hung over my parents’ sofa throughout my long, long, long ago childhood. It has gotten dark and had been stored away for almost 20 years. My mom kept great records of her expenses as a bride and newlywed. The picture cost ten 1940 dollars.” It’s so great to see Bob is moving in and getting cozy in his century old home. Decorating is the best part!

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