Newburgh in the New York Times


It’s nice to see Newburgh in the New York Times for something positive! Read for yourself, Feels Like Old Brooklyn, Newburgh, N.Y., Seeks Renewal Without Gentrification

“People who’ve never been to the city think there’s bullets flying everywhere, but we’ve never had a single incident of crime or violence in or near the brewery,” said Paul Halayko, the chief operating officer. He and his business partner, Christopher Basso, chose to relocate here from the city for the cost as well as the cause. “We put the name Newburgh in 500 restaurants across the state, and it’s now associated with good beer, not violence,” Mr. Basso said. “We’re helping to re-brand the city.”

Photo-Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

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  • that was definitely the best quote 😉

    Let’s hope this expands into the much larger and more complex and POSITIVE story that is Newburgh.

  • No more waiting for the magic rescue or great redeemer for Newburgh. Newburgh is growing and thriving organically as individual homesteaders move to Newburgh and tell their friends and business opportunities are recognized and acted upon. I have worked in Newburgh for over 15 years and moved here for good two years ago. There is a new feeling to Newburgh today thanks to the New newcomers and the wonderful folks who have committed to Newburgh for so many years.

  • Absolutely the most articulate comment yet–thank you, Chuck! And to those of you who are not familiar with the Newburgh Free Library that he heads, check it out at for a complete schedule of
    a wide and diverse range of discussion groups, classes and events. And of course, go: 124 Grand St., 845-563-3600