Plans to Turn Resnick Factory into Indoor Mall


There was an exciting article that appeared in the THR yesterday. The article focuses on Ted Doering and his recent acquisition of the Resnick Mattress Factory we informed you about during the summer. Now plans are coming to light as Doering has expressed interest in turning the old 1920’s factory into an indoor mall. He has acquired a few properties over the past few months and he has hopeful plans for all of them. He is carefully choosing tenants for the properties he owns. It seems he has the right vision to keep the momentum of Liberty Street going.

Investor’s buys bring Newburgh back [THR]

Photo © Kelly Marsh for the Times Herald

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  • Love the idea of something going into a big empty space that will benefit the community. I really hope they avoid any use of the word “mall”. Talk in the article of creating a unique retail space for artisans, craftspeople and the like would be a great way to go.