Old Newburgh Photos 1930’s

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Diane Cifarelli sent in some lovely old family photos in the City of Newburgh. Sometimes it is hard to imagine what Newburgh must have looked like in its heyday. Looking at these photos makes it much easier to imagine, and gives everyone something to strive for; to bring back that old school charm that makes Newburgh special. Thanks Diane!

This is Giammarco Bros. Normal Meat Market. It was on the corner of Mill and Washington Street. Year 1931. I think this is where it was located.

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scan0038“My grandfather, Anthony Cifarelli with an unknown female taken at DeMarco’s house on Carson St. Newburgh, NY.”

scan0056“Unknown woman with Fred Giammarco (1917- 1987) taken at DeMarco’s house on Carson St. Newburgh, NY.”

scan0052“My great-grandmother  Viola Giammarco-Cifarelli and my father Louis Cifarelli in front of train depot.”

If you would like to share your own old Newburgh photos email me.

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  • I believe the last photograph of Mrs. Giammarco-Cifareloli and her grandson isn’t in front of the train depot. The building behind them is the observatory in Downing Park. While the train depot has survived, the Observatory is sadly gone and that makes this picture all the more interesting. These glimpses into Newburgh’s past are facsinating.

  • Fascinating!! A bygone time that was better in so many ways, especially for Newburgh. I have to research and find out why the city of Newburgh fell so far so fast, what made that era of charm and glory fade rapidly. I’ve heard various stories about the Beacon bridge being part of the reason etc but I must find out. Being from NYC and visiting Newburgh for the first time in 2001, I can’t imagine some of these pics were on Carson St, Mill St etc.

    Look at the sign for Salada tea. I looked it up. Salada tea originated in 1892 and is still with us, being sold on Amazon now.

    Diane, Cher, thank you for posting this.


  • Thank you for the information on the photos. I am also not sure if the house on Carson Street was the Demarco home or not. I didn’t receive any of these pictures until my Dad had passed so I really had no idea exactly where they were taken.

  • Just curious if Tony Cifarelli owned a Bar in Newburgh ny.

  • These photos are interesting to me. I’m finding my husband’s grandma lived in two different homes on William Street, #72 and #97, and I would really love to see what they looked like in the 30s or 40s. When I ran google maps, their present state was pretty scary, and probably not remotely what they once looked like.

    I am so fascinated with the history of this area. Thank you for keeping these old picture alive. They are wonderful!