City Seeks RFQ from Design Firms to Complete Skateboard Plaza


These kids created a petition for a skateboard park on NY According to the site, they started off as a group of just 10, and now they are 60+ of all ages. Their petition titled, “NEWBURGH CITY COUNCIL: Build a Skatepark” has already gotten more than 330 signatures. It looks like someone was listening. Now the city is requesting RFQ’s from design firms. Here is what the city is looking for:

The City of Newburgh Skate Board Park Plaza is to be located on the western portion of Delano Hitch Recreation Park, west of the Activity Center and South of the Playground. It is adjacent to Route 32. Total square footage is approximately 12,000 or .27 acres.

The City anticipates a facility to be installed as a Skate Board Park Plaza design style with “street‐style” terrain. The City encourages areas to be poured in concrete which will cater to several demographics of skaters and skill levels. The area must be aesthetically pleasing, incorporate passive areas and be distinctive to Newburgh. The City seeks to create a unique destination which can be marketed to the regional skating community. Design considerations shall include transition ramps, rail skating, stair casings, bowl style design and street style terrain. The area will not be designed to accommodate scooters or trick bikes.

The design must take into consideration the ability to segment and phase the construction of the skate plaza.

Here is the official announcement for more details. Go Newburgh skateboarders!

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