Before and After: 109 Montgomery

109 Mont. Construction. 1. Street view. 2000

Montgomery Street is home to some of the most charming and elegant properties in the city. This is another before and after from Mr. Drew Kartiganer who has rehabbed many homes in the city including homes on Catherine and Liberty Streets. As you can see this building looks like a burned out shell that nobody would want to live in. Mr. Kartiganer and his team transformed this derelict building with its mansard roof and wrought iron details into a home for 3 families. Thanks for sharing Drew!

109 Montgomery Newburgh Collage A

The building was in such horrible condition that Mr. Kartiganer says, “When I walked the SHPO (State Historic Preservation Officer) guy through it one day before it was chosen to be part of the project, he walked without concern and put his leg through the floor, pulled it out and said do whatever you want with it.”

109 Montgomery Newburgh Collage B

109 Montgomery Newburgh Collage C

109 Montgomery Newburgh Collage D

109 Mont. After. 1. Street image. 12 05 2001

No one’s foot is going through the floor now! The floors are sound and the staircase isn’t tipping. A world of a difference inside and out! Other great news for those of you that don’t know this block, the home to the right was saved a year after this project was done. As Mr. Kartiganer said, “another example of when good things are done…good things happen.”

Interior Collage

109 Montgomery Newburgh Side

It’s been over a decade since this renovation has been completed. It’s easy to forget the impact of renovations after they have been around a while. Saving historical housing stock is crucial to the revitalization of Newburgh. They are the city’s best assets. Just a few doors down to the right are 2 homes (that used to be 1) that are some of the oldest homes in Newburgh that are falling into disrepair. If you love what Mr. Kartiganer has done here, please consider rehabbing a home like this, to live in. Newburgh needs more homeowners and there are plenty of lovely buildings that aren’t such a large project as 109 Montgomery. Thanks Drew Kartiganer for sharing!

If you have your own before and after photos to share of your home exterior or interior and would like to share it on Newburgh Restoration, please email me.

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