55 Chambers is going to be Saved!


Another Rescue Me home is going to be saved! We showed you 55 Chambers last June. It is a good section of Chambers Street to consider rehabilitating a home since a lot of activity has been happening between Broadway and 1st Street. Habitat has already done a housing blitz tearing down and rebuilding two homes. The land bank also has plans to rehabilitate two buildings and to move their offices into one of them. Habitat for Humanity is spearheading this home at 55 Chambers which they started during MLK day. I can’t to see what it’s going to look like when it’s done! Check out the photos below, this house was only for those with experience. The entire place has been gutted. There are plenty more wonderful properties you should keep your eye out for on Chambers. All photos have come from Habitat for Humanity’s Facebook Fanpage. Become a fan!

55 Chambers Collage