New Cooperative Work Space Coming to Broadway: Space Create

1623268_448443151948737_235151418_n The lease has been signed and plans are moving ahead for a new alternative work space for collaborative ideas at 115 Broadway called Space Create. The location will include 10 artists and businesses and will be used for people to work as well as sell their goods, with flexible space to be used for community events.

Space Create
Space Create will open in late spring. They are looking for artists and businesses who would like to join them.  If interested please email for more details. Become a fan of their Facebook fanpage.

This project is being spearheaded by local recording artist and poet, Decora who just released his first solo track called “Radio”. It’s available to download for free at his website: Decora Music.

It is very exciting to see economic and creative initiatives starting on Broadway, and it could not be in a better place. Just a few steps away are the Ritz Theater, Ann St Gallery, and Cornerstone Residence that do so much for Lower Broadway.


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  • ..”Be who you wanna be, they ain’t gonna never see, they ain’t gonna never tell the difference between you and me, so be who you wanna be..”

    Great, Decora! And the Newburgh shout out is for sure!

  • This is a very very intriguing and innovative approach to take advantage of a viable, central, and historic property for the enhancement of our Newburgh community. Best of luck to you Decora, and to all the tenants you collaborate with there. Hopefully it’s a financial and emotional success. Let me know if you need any help.

  • Great and Fun project! I really wish the best to Decora and collaborators!Congrats

  • This project: will bring a much needed improvement to Newburgh. A Special thanks to all party’s involved with the development and restoration of all such projects. Our lives as citizens of the world
    Should be focused on helping others with skills that were passed onto us. The reflection of ones self will be reincarnated by those whom have no such intent. Plant a seed and food will grow. Good news for. Newburgh we all can breathe.

  • I was so Pleasantly surprised to look at Newburgh and the new developments that are happening, though there is much ground to cover the changes that are apparent. I’m looking forward to my next seasonal visit, hopefully the energy in the air is as charged as I remember.

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