Helpful Notes on Buying Property from the City of Newburgh

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I get a lot of emails from people wanting to know how to buy a Rescue Me property. It can often be complicated and daunting, depending who owns the property. A few Newburgh citizens have gotten together to try and simplify the instructions of buying a city owned property. Whether you are interested in putting in a bid for the city-owned properties above, or just a regular rescue me home, check out this manual that could be very helpful. Helpful Notes to buy Newburgh city owned property

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  • This is a great resource for the public Cher. It can be overwhelming to consider buying a property in the city and one of the reasons that many linger and are not purchased. Your “Helpful Notes” are indeed a tool that provides a huge amount of info for anyone considering the process. Knowing before beginning the process is part of how to make a successful purchase.

  • The ‘helpful notes’ were created after reviewing the city’s PODA document with Mr Slaughter and expanding, organizing, and clarifying many details. Additional helpful links were included as well.

    I would like to personally thank Madeline Fletcher, Esq of the Newburgh Land Bank, Richard Bedrosian of Newburgh for Newcomers, Mary Elin Korchinsky, Mark Carnes, and Judy Johnson for volunteering their free weekends (it took us a few meetings!) to make this document a reality.

    Please feel free to share the link with anyone and everyone. The link, and additional information can be found at . We’ve also provided the document to the city to place on their website.

    We encourage anyone and everyone to add notes and links here if it can add to making the experience easier for others–especially people new to Newburgh!