New Business! Rue du Temple

Rue du Temple, Newburgh

Have you seen the paper up in the windows of 87 Ann Street? It used to be Newburgh Artisans, but thankfully the shop will not remain empty. A new business is going to be opening very soon: Rue du Temple, or in English, Road to Temple. It is the brainchild of Paul Huber, who was inspired by the double dome synagogue on William Street. He saw it as he rode down Washington St on his way to his new storefront. The journey reminded him of the famous Jewish and arts quarter of Rue du Temple in Marais, Fance. He interprets the name of his business to mean the “road to the mind and creativity.”


Paul’s shop will have art, books, antiques and more. He even has some future ambitions he would like to bring to Newburgh. Perhaps the most inspiring part of Paul’s story is that he moved to Newburgh when he realized he wanted to open up a business here. He stumbled upon the city on a drive from Connecticut to NYC. Now, Paul not only is helping the burgeoning businesses opening on the Liberty Street corridor, but he is also joining the ranks of professionals who realize living and working in the City of Newburgh is a great idea.

We will keep you updated on his soft/grand opening.

Rue du Temple is one of 5 new businesses/ventures coming to this area! Hooray for Newburgh!

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  • SO GREAT!! Yet another wonderful addition that not only adds retail life to Liberty Street and the Washington Park nabe, but adds to the eclectic entrepreneurial efforts that will also make it a destination for strolling and discovery!!

  • This shop is going to be a great place to pick up curios, to have readings, discussions, to help put Newburgh on the map! I can’t wait!

  • Good Luck with your new store!!

  • we are quickly becoming Petit Paris on the Hudson 🙂

  • Cher Paul,
    Quelle bonne idee! (Where is that accent aigu???) Bienvenu a (grave!) Newburgh et bonne chance!

    Meiileurs voeux,

    Mary Elin & Mark

  • Bienvenu Paul ! I used to live in” la rue du temple “dans le marais donc ravie du petit clin d’oeil.So Happy!!! And as you can see we are already connected between Paris,Paul is my maiden name and I work on 87 liberty…

  • Rue Du Temple is actually a street in the old Jewish quarter of Paris, the Marais. Which developed into an enclave of artists and gays; now, even smart gentile heterosexuals live there. See any similarities to Newburgh…