Atlas Industries Prepares Studio Spaces

All kinds of wonderful things are happening over at Atlas Industries warehouse. If you are curious about what goes on behind the walls on Spring Street, all you have to do is check out their Instagram account. They look like they are having a blast, literally. They have posted a video showing what it takes to remove the cinder block out of the many windows that have boarded up the warehouse. And oh, what a difference it makes! Imagine renting a studio in this building with those windows! They already have a few tenants but are waiting for more inspections to go through before officially offering space. In the meanwhile they are providing a beautiful backdrop for photo shoots and seem to be just having a great time in the process.


Atlas Collage


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  • Excellent. This reminds me of ‘The Torpedo Factory’ just outside of D.C. with regards to individual studio spaces under one roof. The advantage that I feel Atlas Industries has is that they are functioning business and, as such, are not financially dependent on a revenue solely derived from renting space. Nice to see.

    • Excellent point Walt. And they are planning an art gallery space. It’s a great thing for the area.

    • Agreed! They have been really smart about this from the start. I’ve met some of the people who will be occupying the spaces and their plans are very exciting. Let’s hope their success inspires the new owner of the similar building across the street…