NewBurghFoodCo’s First Organizational Meeting

NewBurghFoodCo Collage

NewBurghFoodCo has flourished into a large group that held its first organizational meeting last Sunday. Founders, Noel and Nancy Thompson are quite excited of the progress their group has made at bringing high quality food to residents of the City of Newburgh and beyond.

“Our first Organizational Meeting was held in March 2013 at The Heritage Center, attended by twenty-eight people and the Mayor of Newburgh dropped by to wish us well. We now have over three hundred and thirty-eight members who have ordered from the more than four thousand items available. The group has grown to be a community that includes retired people on tight budgets, families with mouths to feed, people who are vegan and people who choose to buy that special item that is affordable through “Wholeshare” pricing. We are  thankful for the Calvary Presbyterian Church for accommodating the deliveries and pick-ups.  The next twelve months look bright for Newburgh and NewburghFoodCo.”

Noel Thompson is a food distribution expert formerly of, Dean and Deluca, Newmarket Distribution, and The Silver Palate. Members enjoy being a part of a community of people: some food professionals, some amateur cooks, all of whom care about food and related food issues. They share recipes and information about food and some times free samples of products or their own cooking! A group of members have started Hudson Valley Hour Exchange and have been cooking soup together for a local soup kitchen! To join visit All are welcome.

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  • Beyond just ordering food, this has become a contributing part of the community. People share recipes and ideas- and work together to fill larger “splits” for even more value. There are a number of unique items- especially NYState produce, meats and cheeses- that you would have to drive many miles to compile if you could find them at all. There’s no fee to join, no commitment to order. Stop by one of the pickups for a taste of how it all works. The next pickup is Monday, March 31 5:30-7:30.

  • Thank you, Michael G., for this more-info codicil to the NewburghFoodCo. story. Even as a justifiably proud charter member, I could not have predicted the community resource–of both people and product–that NBFC0 has created. With Noel and Nancy Thompson as the concerned, generous hosts/organizers, and 338 members, no one leaves those now anticipated Monday evening pick-ups without seeing an old friend or making a new one. As for the 4,000 plus fresh and packaged under-retail-priced food products–no supermarket anywhere could compete with the high quality and variety of the NBFCO menu.

  • Thanks for the writeup of the first year celebration. It has been a great year. I would like to add that Calvary Presbyterian Church at the corner of Grand Street and South Street where we meet has been a truly wonderful host for our efforts.

    It is an AMAZING church. Rev. Lewis and his congregation, most of whom are Christian activists/volunteers in City of Newburgh are providing community building dinners at the church in the same space every last Saturday of each month. Completely free to all–I highly recommend a visit to see the good work they are accomplishing with their outreach programs. It is a wonderful church to join if you are looking for a socially active congregation or if you are new to City of Newburgh and are looking for a spiritual home.

  • Kudos on organizing and expanding this effort to such a size. It can only grow considerably larger, and provides such an important service to so many in the community!

    • Thanks Hannah. We are working to improve all of the time so that we can offer more and better service to the community of City of Newburgh with even better local and organic foods.

      Any local City of Newburgh retailers or restaurants are welcome to become members of Newburgh Food consolidate their orders or to obtain food without having to buy minimum quantities from suppliers they might want to try out. If you want to resell items such as NY organic maple syrup or grassfed butter at your store, you can always order with us and send someone over to pick it up at Calvary. All orders are prepaid by credit card.

  • what a wonderful asset to the community. Congratulations and thanks !

  • Sherry and I both look forward to picking up our shares on every other Monday – Sometimes we even “fight” about who is going to go. It’s always nice to see Joel, Michael, Nancy and all the other familiar faces, and see all the yummy ingredients that will account for delicious meals for the next couple weeks. So happy to be a part of the NewburghFoodCo!