Folk Music Hall of Memories Sponsorship Opportunity

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We were recently sent this announcement for sponsorship opportunities for the Folk Music Hall of Memories. If this project comes to fruition it will be a huge push for the Liberty Street corridor.

On November 2, 2013 Pete Seeger graced the Folk Music Hall of Fame concert Songs of Freedom & Peace by performing two of his most loved songs. That night he asked if we would change the name to the Folk Music Hall of Memories. Pete Seeger was a wordsmith and the brilliance of this change was immediately clear. The name was changed that night in Honor of Pete & Toshi Seeger.

Polaris – $250.00, Altair – $500.00, Vega – $1000.00, Sirius – $10,000.00
All Star sponsors will have their names placed around the Circle of Song inside the FMHM. Or Purchase 1 Brick, Engraved Inscription Will Read In Honor or Memory of (Name)
The Folk Music Hall of Memories Was Built, Date and Donors Name – $100.00
Donations of any amount are welcomed and needed, thank you for your support.

ALL DONATIONS WILL RECEIVE COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS TO THE JUNE 2014 CONCERT NOW BEING PLANNED FOR THE FMHM INCLUDING A SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO PETE SEEGER PLEASE SEND DONATIONS TO : Folk Music Hall of Fame, 10 Starwood Lane, Highland Mills, NY 10930 Or contact the Treasurer at 845 803 1965 to discuss other support options. The Folk Music Hall of Fame, is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion and preservation of folk music, folk instruments and the literary and musical contributions of Folk Musicians.

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  • As much as I’d like to see this happen, from the looks of it- the anonymous website, no names of principals or board members, no mention of donations going to a legitimate non-profit- it’s pretty murky. The person who’s involved in this- again, curiously no mention of his name (or anyone else’s for that matter)- promised that he was building a fireman’s museum in the building next door less than 10 years ago. There were signs indicating a Fireman’s Museum posted near the door for a few years but then the sign disappeared. And relevant to the comments on this blog, it’s good reading to look up this guy and “cornball local”. It’s worth the sleuthing and should be on the record when discussing whether this project may be more than just a figment of some curiously anonymous person’s imagination.

  • I soundly second downing fan’s comments, below. As good as the idea sounds, I doubt seriously if anyone would contribute even a minimal amount to a “non profit” with no known/registered incorporation status, no website, no specific location noted for either the FMHF/M or the concert, and no names behind the idea. (Unless, of course, there are still people who send money to Nigeria to recoup the million dollars with their name on it.) A Serious Note to the Person(s) behind this post: Reveal yourself and all the stats connected to your idea. Otherwise, posts such as yours are just insulting to the very smart people of Newburgh–and particularly to those whose grit, determination and extremely hard work are making the Liberty St. corridor the virtual heart of the New Newburgh.

  • The has 63 Liberty St. Newburgh noted at the bottom left of the page.
    Go here: , Enter, type in the above address, connect the dots…
    I can’t vouch for the accuracy within the above mentioned sites above.