Results From City Code Violation Abatement Program

105 William Street Newburgh

The City of Newburgh has recently reported on the results of its code violation abatement program. Property owners receive a 21 day notice period in which they must themselves must clean up their trash-filled property, or it will be done by the City at the consequence of receiving at a bill, which can range from $1500 to $6,000. Failure to pay the bill results in a tax levy against the property.

Wednesday is Abatement Day, with 10 properties scheduled for City cleanup. According to the City’s press release, “Every week, the number of properties that DPW has to clean up has steadily decreased. For the past two weeks, the top 10 were all cleaned up by their owners prior to abatement by the City.” They also say that, ten more properties festooned with furniture, mattresses, garbage, carpets and other debris are scheduled for abatement on April 23.