Real Estate: 162 William St $480,000

162 William St Newburgh NY

This is a really interesting property for sale at the southern end of the city on William Street right off the Heights Neighborhood. This is a multi-unit building that is commercially zoned. The rear spaces could be offices or studios. The interior of some of the units are in good shape but others are quite dated. Removing the paneling and dropped ceiling could have a major impact. And best of all, we love the dated sign on the façade that says D. Magliato 1917. Surely there’s some interesting history there. What do you think about the price?

162 William St Newburgh NY (Mary T. Salerno, Judith Guzzi & Assoc)
Asking Price: $480,000
Year Built: 1917
Size: 2,476
Taxes: N/A
Neighborhood: SoBro
Distance to NYC: 57.9 mi, 1 hour 2 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry, Transit Orange Bus Service
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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5 Comment

  • Ambitious asking price for the current climate.

  • Is that $48,000 or $480,000?

  • Note: the realtor’s website says $460,000, not $480,000 –a reduction in the last 4 days. Really? Is the owner also the person who has the Beacon-Newburgh Bridge for sale?

  • I don’t think there is anything wrong with the asking price in the owner’s mind. The owner clearly has it neatly kept. It is simply an ambitious price for the current market.

  • I have met the owner of the building he is getting up in years, and lives I think about 4-5 buildings down the street maybe he is looking to move to FL. My cousin lives in one of the apartments in the building. His apartment is clean and im guessing unless a tenit is very dirty the other apartments in the building are also fairly clean though dated.