May 2014 City Owned Property List

October Newburgh 038

The City of Newburgh has published the May 2014 list of properties that it owns. It is 46 pages long. The list includes everything from vacant land to crumbling structures to beautiful historical homes. This property at 96 Broadway is still on the list. It is a pivotal corner to help bring back Broadway. I think everyone is dying to see something come of it! A recent report says that the city will update the list when properties have been sold. We heard that the Monell Mansion has finally sold to a designer!

Buying a city-owned property comes with challenges. If you would like help, consult this guide made by city residents: Helpful Notes to buy Newburgh city owned property.

One Comment

  • The Monell Mansion neighbor 286 Grand, an impressive building in its own manner, has an “under contract” sign posted as well.
    As per the City’s 700 + vacant properties; “Higher inventory levels are giving buyers more choices,…” Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, rationalizing the year over year decline in home sales.
    Hmmm, maybe Detroit’s plan has some merit…