Rescue Me: 35 Wisner Ave

35 Wisner Ave Newburgh NY

Today’s Rescue Me home is relatively easy to rescue if you wish. There are contact numbers if you would like further information. This is a huge building on the corner of Wisner Ave and Broadway, right across the street from Rite Aid. Right now it might look like a mess, but those large metal windows would bring in a ton of light to any work or living space. This is definitely a project for someone with a vision and the cash to make it happen but, this is just another great example of the large warehouse space the City of Newburgh has to offer.

This real estate link might provide further insight on the property, and of course you can always check city records or call the real estate agent: Marc Coppola 845-564-4440. 35 Wisner Ave Newburgh NY Google Map

What do you think could be done with this building? Offices? Retail? Apartments?




One Comment

  • I was able to find more information on the property from a report done by Clinton Brown.

    “2-story side-gabled stucco and brick Spanish Colonial Revival style building with cross-gabled front entry pavilion near center of primary east façade. Building features brick quoins, tabbed window surrounds and beltcourses; terra cotta tile roof. Features covered porch element at south of main entry. Appears to retain many metal multi-paned casement windows. A unique example of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. Once used as office by Stroock company and accessed via connected bridge on second story to factory building above Wisner Street.” This building is circa 1920.