Housing Blitz This Week


Habitat for Humanity is wrapping up their development of East Parmenter Street with the Builders Blitz that will build 2 homes in just one week. As you can see from they photo they are almost done and they are also painting nearby homes which will completely change the look for this micro neighborhood.

This is the construction schedule:

Day 1 (June 9) 
House Framed |House Wrap | First Floor Windows Installed |Rough Electrical and Plumbing |Exterior Trim Begun

Day 2 (June 10)
Roofing |Second Floor Windows Installed |Exterior Trim Finished | Exterior Siding Electrical Inspections |Drywall Hung | Drywall Taping Begins

Day 3 (June 11)
Drywall Taping Completed | Siding Continues | Porches Constructed | Walls and
Ceilings Painted | Interior Trim | Bath Tiled

Day 4 (June 12)
Siding Continues | Bamboo Floor Installed (1st Floor) | Finish Electric | Interior
Trim Caulk, Fill, and Paint | Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops Installed

Day 5 (June 13) 
Mirrors and Accessories | Locksets | Carpet | Park and House Landscaping | Finish
Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical | Gutters |Plumbing and Electrical Inspections | Punchlist

The block party celebration will be this Saturday. For more details and great photos check out their Facebook fanpage.

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