Rental: 325 Liberty St Artist Reception Space and 3 Car Garage $1,900

Garage 1

Right next to the Girdle Factory is 325 Liberty Street. This building is available in 2 parts (#1) 325 Liberty and (#2) 323 Liberty. First, we will focus on the 3 car garage and reception space (325 Liberty). This is a building built in 1957 that has an overall square footage of 9,148 sq ft if you are interested in the entire building (325 and 323).

The 3 car garage is an excellent space for an artist(s) who need high ceilings and concrete floors for their work. An extra perk is the reception space that could be used as an office or gallery. This would be ideal for an artist collective, however, the owner is also willing to rent out the space separately. Keep in mind, utilities are not included.

$1,900 – includes entire space, a 3-car garage and reception area
$350 – rent for each separate garage
$1150 – rent for reception space alone

Interested? Contact: Daniel: danieljgiordano(at) or 845 926-7703

Garage 2

Garage 3

Garage 4

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  • Nice ride. Aside, a few years back I leased a space similar to the Girdle Factory with uninsulated walls/ceilings
    and the original large expanse of commercial windows. To heat this space, one floor and approximately 2/3 the size of the ‘Factory’, cost $2 grand a month in the dead of winter. ‘Something to consider when deciding to purchase or lease such a space. That said, I hope the owner can find tenants for these three combined buildings as another asset grab by the NLB should not be an option. On a positive note; I noticed a large multi-level building up the street and on the corner of Gidney Ave. and Lander St. is having a re-hab. ‘Fingers crossed.

    • Yes Walt, that building on Lander is the Land Bank sale…we just have to wait to see how the rehab goes.

      • Thanks Cher. The 197 Lander property was part of a six lot purchase by the NCLB from the ‘City on April of 2013, $50,000 total. As per the re-hab, the purchaser (June ’13) also raised the former derelict building on 16 Plank Road and developed a new multi-level, ADA compliant building that looks great. This was a plus to the community at large as the property is at a key access point into the ‘City.
        I’m all for the NCLB acting as the means to the end of quick, legitimate and effectual transaction.
        I am cautious of any entity that has the potential to become a majority stakeholder or owner for the ‘better of the community’.

  • Oh, that building being rehabbed on Gidney and Lander is a Land Bank-owned property? That’s interesting in the sense that a year ago is was a wreck with dumpsters overflowing with garbage, and now it looks like it’s progressing and at least secure. Good job so far, Land Bank.