The City of Newburgh Illuminated


This past weekend was the 2nd annual Newburgh Illuminated Festival. The lightbulb is now the new symbol of Newburgh and this is the second year artists have designed their own personal lightbulb to be displayed city-wide. It was amazing to see these temporary art installations everywhere, especially vinyl printed signs on the old Resnick Mattress Warehouse! On Sunday all of the lighbulbs were gathered at the corner of Liberty Street and Broadway for the finale and auction.

The city had visitors and tourists from all over the world, and many others who were visiting Newburgh for the very first time. We can’t wait to see how the festival and the Lightbulb Project grow and expand for next year!


downsized_06221411331Kids, “Are you going to get in trouble for doing that?”

unnamed-3Photo by Tina Olsen


10437770_297462643760403_5496121931478995576_nPhotos by The Lightbulb Project

Rowing Polly

Rowing Club Polly RideNewburgh Rowing Club giving rides on the Polly. Photo by Newburgh Rowing Club

14465320526_b9458fd387_zPhoto by fbarriera82

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  • An amazing volunteer effort by so many who care. The soul of the city is flickering and will soon come into the light!