Real Estate: 29 Concord St $59,900

29 Concord St Newburgh NY

Here is a 3-family home just one block north of Broadway and one block east of 9W. It needs a lot of work, but the exterior has some very attractive architectural details, as does the interior. Hopefully there is hardwood underneath all that carpet. This property is located in a dense walkable area with most homes lacking driveways.

29 Concord St Newburgh NY (Brian T. Smith, River Realty)
Asking Price: $59,900
Year Built: 1935
Size: 2,832 sq ft
Taxes: N/A
Neighborhood: NoBro
Distance to NYC: 59.9 mi, 1 hour 4 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry, Transit Orange Bus Service
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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  • I have a friend who lives on this street. This is not a bad street…but you might want to look else where. I have been in several of the houses on the street and from outside they don’t look bad but once inside they are really in poor shape. The price is a little high for the street, a house down the street sold not long ago for about 30k. Depending on what the taxes are it might not be a bad deal but be warned this street is not a up and comming street its more on the downturn.

  • Combined taxes will be fall around $4500 annually (the new assessments are just recently out, the changed taxes levied may or may not reflect this depending on the database used).
    Of interest, 29 Concord is currently assessed at $88,900; in 2009 the same property was assessed at $296,800.
    fyi, in 2014 there have been 16 single family residences sold in the ‘City (non-city owned) to date.
    Of the sixteen, most are east of Wisner Ave and north of Broadway. Of that, six are further east of Robinson Ave. and of that only two are south of South St.. Interestingly, there is no correlation between the wards, assessed property value declines and the individual tax assessments. In fact it seems random, without rationality.