Weekly Link Round Up


The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Photo, “Library patron. Beautiful person waiting for the library to open.” by NR flickr user Brian Wolfe.

What makes a great city? [Saski]
Free tennis clinic growing in Newburgh [THR]
Filmmaker Tours U.S. to See How Cities Grapple With Gentrification [Next City]
The Ephemeral Village 2014: A Visionary Event in Montreal, Canada [Sustainable Cities Collective]
Preserving Upstate’s Heritage [WXXI News]
Restaurants Really Can Determine the Fate of Cities and Neighborhoods [City Lab]
Newburgh Habitat for Humanity store is relocating [THR]
RESTORE: A Developer’s Perspective [Community Builders]
We must kill the McMansion! Good riddance to an American embarrassment [Salon]
How Much Cleaning Up Brownfields Is Really Worth [City Lab]

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  • “Collins said Habitat looked at several locations in the city, but the Town of Newburgh location was the only one available that met all of its criteria, including affordable rental cost.”
    Spin it however you want, this says volumes. I anticipated this move as it was brought up at a previous City Council meeting, ‘the table’ fell silent with the occasional token head nods. The ‘City that gives its assets free of rent (aka taxes) to a quasi-government entity doesn’t meet criteria and is unaffordable. Really?

  • That’s so funny that Habitat can’t find a space to do their thing within the City limits. If there’s one thing Newburgh has, it’s available real estate! i hate this gov’t that allows anything “good” to wither away. Restore deserved some sort of subsidy to maintain a location right in the heart of the City of Newburgh. Istead, we lost it to the Town, just as we’ve lost so many homeowners for decades.