Home Renovation Adventures: First Home Love on 1st Street


Frank recently just bought his first home in the City of Newburgh on 1st Street. As he began his house search he had no idea that he would have a connection with one of the homes on his list. In his words:

In 2014 I found myself in a position to purchase my first home. With all of the areas I considered, I decided to look in Newburgh for a number of reasons with location and cost being the more important factors. Finding my home was a bit of an accident. I ended up purchasing it from a family friend while having my car serviced at their shop. Conversation began with a dog she rescued while living there. I told her I was looking for a home and that’s when she mentioned hers was for sale. As fate would have it, it was the 3rd house on my list and exactly what I was looking for… There was something about it that really grabbed me. Such a great energy and history… As soon as I walked in I knew it was the one.

Now 3 months into homeownership Frank has been busy renovating his first home, painting walls and doing landscaping. He plans on doing modest renovations to the bathroom and kitchen, and would also like to finish the basement, add a garage, pave the driveway and paint the exterior of the home. Frank says that “fortunately, it was a loved home by the previous owners, so it doesn’t need anything extreme. My goal is to make it fit my personality a bit more while preserving the 100 year old charm as well starting by business in the city of Newburgh.”

We are super excited for you Frank and can’t wait to see more on your Home Renovation Adventures!

Have your own home renovation adventures in the City of Newburgh that you would like to share? Your own before and after? Email me!


Frank Collage

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  • I took the tour of this house. Your friend had the interesting set up with the fireman living there while she was trying to sell the house. Indeed the house is very nice, will you be changing the upstairs? As i recall the set up was rather strange.