Weekly Link Round Up


The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. “Ann Street gallery opening Peter Cody retrospective.” Photo by Brian Wolfe

Global manufacturing center to open at Newburgh Armory Unity Center [Mid Hudson News]
Newburgh police gets state money to buy cameras [Mid Hudson News]
Making movies: Film production grows in Hudson Valley [PJ]
Schumer touts larger site for Newburgh lighting business [THR]
This Guy Promotes an Entire Town Online [Small Biz Trends]
Study Argues That Walking In Older Cities Is Healthier [Business Insider]

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One Comment

  • More ‘creep’…there is an ‘ism’ that defines government’s merger with corporates…

    “At the same time, taxpayers are playing roles, although not on the screen. Film production companies, including those that shoot locally, have been taking advantage of a $420 million state tax credit. The state boasted that in 2012, 133 projects that applied for tax breaks were expected to create 126,150 jobs and $2.2 billion in new spending.”
    “The amount those film crews spent locally grew by nearly 700 percent to almost $8 million in 2013.”

    …a nearly $3 million grant….The work will also pave the way for two more companies to relocate to the site.
    No specific companies have publicly expressed interest in the site, but Schumer said they can be found easily enough once the work is done.
    -Cross your heart and scout’s honor?

    “They want a site that’s shovel-ready,” said Schumer.
    -I want sewer and gas lines that aren’t leaking.
    “Without infrastructure, you can’t have job growth,” said Laurence Gottlieb, president and CEO of the Hudson Valley EDC. “We have been preaching (shovel-ready projects) for years.”
    -‘Er, I was thinking more along the lines of…
    -How many is that now? It’s not just the main lines…

    Priorities. Enjoy the film.