Weekly Link Round Up


The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Photo, “Just another day in the City of Newburgh, NY” by NR flickr pool user New York World

Seeking economic renewal, Newburgh, NY, rolls the dice on gambling [Al Jazeera America]
Mock airplane set in Newburgh [THR]
Town of Newburgh casino developers stress benefits for city, region to siting commission [THR]
Atlantic City facing unprecedented economic collapse [Philly.com]
How Many Artists Does It Take to Make an Arts District? [Next City]
America’s Fastest-Growing Small Cities [Forbes]
How Cities Build Vibrant Tech Scenes [Next City]

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  • As I understand it, the “industry”, with Albany’s blessing, has already scaled back their plans from the “full scale Vegas style casinos”. Gambling has slowly been taken over by a ‘mob’ with a different taste in suits. As per the ‘doing it for the children’ meme, “In addition to the tax dollars the casino will bring in (“$10 million to the bottom line of our school district”, take that as a hint to what this is about. It’s part of the ‘creative revenue’ model. Meredith Whitney wasn’t wrong…just early.
    Relative to the other articles in the ‘Round Up, it’s no coincidence that the fastest growing or vibrant cities are linked to real industries with a progression of added value. “However, the city of Newburgh has complex issues that can’t be solved with one new industry.” Say that louder, they can’t hear you.
    Thanks for the reads Cher.