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Newburgh transit bus

“I’ll try it!” by Karen Mejia.

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  • while there are schedules online, there is not much on the street…and it was only by accident that I found out one is supposed to ‘wave them down’–unless that is just the solution that organically rose in the city…

    communication about the transportation would be a good thing.!

  • How hard is it to put up the info re the fares for instance somewhere on the bus???? What about a BIG NUMBER as in $1.00 Fare right there on the bus. (WOW what a genius I am for noticing that nowhere on the bus is the fare.) And is there a way to pay by credit card swipe? We would all like that. Those buses ride around empty so WHY NOT DO A FREE DAY or TWO EVERY WEEK to promote use of the buses!!! YEAH give the taxpayers something FOR FREE. You are already driving the buses around empty so it is not costing you a dime.

    Also why not number the routes because then a bus map is a lot easier to understand….And get one of our talented artists to design a colorful easy to read map and get this bus thing going. At present it is a Kafka-like bus system. No visitor ever would know how to take the bus in CIty of Newburgh. Ever notice how easy the NYC system is? It is a no brainer. And it should be THAT EASY. And FREE sometimes because people are still really hurting out there!!