Real Estate: 287 Grand St $64,900

287 Grand St Newburgh NY

This is a house that has been attracting a lot of attention because of the price and location. It was recently just dropped $6,000 in the last week. I was able to tour this home with Susan Walski. First let’s talk about the condition. This house is not habitable without major work. Practically every surface of this home has been altered. The only original details that remain are in the foyer and the staircase. There is a two-story addition in the rear that is leaking and frankly would be better if removed. Copper has been stolen and there are major foundation issues. We surmised that there used to be a porch on the left that was enclosed which would account for the double foundation. The floor in the basement had also been torn out at some period of time which is a shame because it has potential to be a great space. It appears it used to be a kitchen. Right now the property is set up as a 3-family home, but the whole soul of the home was ripped out to create it.

The location. Grand Street is one of the premier streets of Newburgh. It was one of the first designated historic areas of the city. This home straddles a border of homes that are excellently manicured and ones that aren’t. A few doors down is the William Fullerton Mansion and across the street is the Monell Mansion that is about to be sold to new owners intent on restoring it. One detail to keep in mind is that the backyard is small and the left empty lot does not come with the house. You can buy it though for $9,500. Still no word on the Arno across the street. Anybody have any idea?

287 Grand St Newburgh NY (Kerly Scialpi, River Realty)
Asking Price: $64,900
Year Built: 1900
Size: 4,524 sq ft
Neighborhood: MGL
Taxes: $11,000
Distance to NYC: 58.1 mi, 1 hour 9 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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  • How sad. This is only a couple doors down from my former residence. It used to have a mirror house attached to it that was razed about 15 years ago. It was owned by a progression of slumlords who never kept it up and were tacitly allowed by city codes department. Meanwhile I got violations for having a pile of leaves on my driveway over 12 inches high- even after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars improving my property. It is a sick joke around here.

    • Yes…..they harass good landlords and not the slumlords…..That’s one of many reasons we dumped our home on Renwick Street….it was so beautiful but the drug dealers took over the front porch and the only way we could get rid of them was by enclosing it but the city and historical society says NO….so bye – bye!! Had to sell for peanuts to a slum lord to get to safety… too many bullets through our window!!……now forced to live in a tiny apartment!!

  • I was in the Arno Building. They where asking $175,000, there crazy, it’s completly trashed from basement to attic. Although thje apartments are huge, it would cost a fortune to rehab and you would never see a return, maybe if you got it for a $1