Columbia Urban Design Studio Videos + Updates

Urban design students from Columbia are almost at the mid-way mark of their semester. Here are some videos, images, and information they have been collecting. You’ll notice they address local and regional issues such as: education, politics, human capital, and the power of the arts. I can’t possibly post it all here and not all of the students have uploaded their work. For full details go to their website. Click on each image to see a video or study associated with the group presenting the work. The videos are short, all under 2 mins so take out a bit of time to see the great work they have been doing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.08.31 PM

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  • Great work in action! Another great community building resource that readers and Columbia students may find interesting is the HVhourexchange with most members in Newburgh city.

    HVhourexchange is based on the Timebank, USA model for a collaborative economy that was begun in 1997 ( by Edgar Cahn). Some of our great community members created an exchange in Newburgh about a year ago and it’s been growing. Great concept and works well on so many levels.

    Newburgh is starting to pull together in some important ways. It’s always been here, but it is beginning to manifest and it is wonderful to see the work of the Columbia students and others in action.

    • Time is money, best to stay under the radar. Historically, bartering concepts have proliferated during times of economic stress. Why draw attention to it?

      • um…because the poor will always be with you?…

        • I was referring to the tax considerations as they relate to bartering. Group bartering exchanges must file an annual report regardless of its structure. As for bartering itself, last I checked most people are aware of it just as they are aware of the widening wealth equality gap. It might have something to do with federal reserve act and income tax being established around the same time, or maybe the inverse relationship between the fed’s balance sheet and the purchasing power of the $. Divide et impera… I’m not the bad guy here.

  • Actually the irs recommends, due to the growing trend in tb’s and local currencies, ‘exchanges’ either file an annual report (not the same as filing for income) or receive a letter ruling exemption. Just as current employment trends blur the lines between “contractor” and “employee”, the irs has stepped up ‘screening’ efforts, despite what “was worked out long ago”. ‘Just throwing it out there, I’m not questioning morality.