Real Estate: 11 Sylvia St $399,978 Mid Century Modern Dream

11 Sylvia St Newburgh NY

This blog focuses on real estate in the City of Newburgh and from the turn of the century, but every once in a while there are some amazing homes that break my own rules that must be shared. This home dates to 1956, and it almost seems frozen in time except for a room or two. Even the kitchen seems to retain original fixtures and woodwork. As a preservationist at heart, I hope the right person finds this home who will appreciate all the the unique details.

11 Sylvia St Newburgh NY (Kimberlee Markarian, BHHS)
Asking Price: $399,978
Year Built: 1956
Size: 4,300 sq ft
Neighborhood: North of I-84, Town
Taxes: n/a
Distance to NYC: 58.1 mi, 1 hour 9 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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  • I can imagine what the taxes are for this property.

  • Important to note that this property is NOT in the City of Newburgh; it is in the town of Newburgh. The City and the Town are absolutely separate–with different political structures, school districts, taxes, and services (no garbage pick-up, no town water, no town gas lines etc. in the Town of Newburgh). And real estate taxes in the Town of Newburgh are outrageous–particularly considering the lack of services–far more per square foot/acerage than in the City of Newburgh. Those town taxes are the reason that another house here goes on the market every day–regardless of the fact that they rarely sell.
    Local real estate listings incidentally are extremely remiss in not listing the annual taxes in the lisiting. Obviously this is done on purpose–not to scare people off–but it is quite stupid and a waste of time for potential buyers. This property looks like an elegant example of mid-century modern (not alone, by the way–there are several in the town of Newburgh)although, considering the acerage and its condition, the taxes are probably somewhere between $23,000 and $30,000 a year. If the broker is reading this: do you care to comment? And, again to the broker: by “coy pond”, I assume you mean “koi pond”? Lapses in spelling and grammar such as these do not well represent either you or your client.

  • In picture 22 of 30 on the trulia site what is that? Kinda scary looking…However to rebuff Suzanne the taxes in the town of Newburgh are much more reasonable than in the City of Newburgh. Maybe some of of the properties heading out towards Balmville that overlook the river might be high. But by and large they are much lower.

  • As per the County website: school tax $9003, county $3324. For a perspective, the property’s full market value has decreased 28% since ’09 while its tax has increased 10% for the same period. The town gets its water from the Delaware aqueduct with backup supply via Chadwick lake, some areas are well sourced, and the town shares the city school district. There are some great examples of mid-century houses in the area, others being mediocre. 11 Sylvia isn’t a Frank Dushen.
    The bottleneck created by the new water pipeline construction coupled with the bridge work is wreaking havoc on 9w and the 84 ramp as the ‘one & one’ rule has alluded many. Definitely not a plus for already depressed current RE sales, the infrastructure upgrades are maintaining the tax base as would be sellers can’t exit even at reduced prices. It’s further limiting price discovery, great for an economy increasingly dependent on property tax revenues. I’m not offer going to offer an opinion on pic 22.