Before and After: Liberty Street Bluestone Sidewalk Repair

Bad Sidewalk

Newburgh has amazing century-old architecture. It also has other great features like the century-old bluestone sidewalks. Unfortunately in many locations they have been removed or are in poor condition. Architect, Drew Kartiganer, just finished repairing and restoring the sidewalk in front of 238 and 240 Liberty Street. The project was possible through the sidewalk replacement grant through the City of Newburgh. Mr. Kartiganer says the sidewalk repair cost over $12,000 and would not have been possible without the grant.

They replaced about 40% of the bluestones and reset about 90% of the front walk on the street by removing the stones and old base. Afterwards, a 3″ to 4″ sand base was compacted and stones were cut to fit as required. They then reset the stones. Cobblestones details were added to define planters near the trees. Mr. Kartiganer says, “The sidewalk was uneven before we started, to say the least, with a lot of dips, cracks and grass growing up in the cracks.  You can now walk on it without looking down, which is unusual where the bluestones are located in the historic district.”

Thank you for helping to maintain the character that makes Newburgh special. For the full scope of the work that was done, see the photos below.  






Before and after side walk repair final

Bluestone Sidewalk

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  • That improvement looks so nice.

  • What an improvement – how wonderful that people actually care to preserve the historic beauty of Newburgh. We have just moved here, right down on Liberty Street!

  • Im the proud new owner of 5 properties on william street between Renwick and benkard. I recently applied for this grant so i can fix the sidewalks in front of my property. I haven’t received an answer as of yet as to if im approved or not, but im wondering if you would happen to know who these guys are and if you have contact info so i can get a few estimates

  • I’ve had several conversations with the city planner. The program is on hold due to the person that was responsible for running the program no longer works for the city of Newburgh. According to them im waiting on a new person to be appointed

    • So it’s not the funds that are in short supply, it’s multi-tasking. Got it. Granted, the CDBG is busy selling off properties @ 20 cents on the $ of what the Assessor has them ‘valued’ at. You bought five properties, the ‘City should be kissing your arse imo.

    • Welcome to the neighborhood. Come meet a number of people and get information on many resources at the next Distressed Properties presentation. It is at the Library at 124 Grand St at 7pm on Wed Sept 16

  • Thanks for posting Hannah. This is the first time I hear about presentation on distressed properties. My husband Michael and I will be sure to go.