Grand Opening at Space Create


Over 200 people showed up for the grand opening party at Space Create. As founding member, Decora Sandiford said, “It was quite the party.” Space Create is a new collaborative work space on Broadway in Newburgh, and they only have one spot left! Contact them today if you’d like to become a member

Space Create Newburgh 1

Space Create Newburgh 2

Space Create Newburgh 4

Space Create Newburgh 3

Space Create Newburgh 5


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  • It was the vision and singular force of Tricia Haggerty Wenz, who took the infamous rathole known as the Newburgh Hotel, and transformed it from a dangerous, diseased place into a sparkling and safe home for veterans, the disabled, the elderly, all without displacing the few who lived there. But she didn’t stop there, she and her tireless board kept adding to the plan, further enlivening the project by including artist housing, studios, and the Ann St Gallery, now voted best in the Hudson Valley, and a small concert space at the Ritz lobby. And here we are today under the direction of her successor (and she will!) Lisa Silverstone, with a newly-designed marquee to brighten the hearts of Newburgh, a CSA, new businesses and a cafe in long-empty commercial spaces, and only more to come. Stay tuned for more on ‘the lot’ ‘the Ritz’ and other ventures…and keep supporting these fledging efforts–because you are all witnessing right here and right now what happens when the right leaders and the right intentions come together in this little city of Newburgh.

    • Thanks for that reminder Hannah. Imagine if Newburgh could find a few more people with grand visions and such willpower. It will happen.

  • Thank you Hannah, Newburgh’s intrepid Pied Piper, for this succinct history of a monumental accomplishment by Newburghers for Newburgh. Our “little City” has now become “The Little City that Could”–and did and will.