Newburgh Brewing Company Now Cans


The Newburgh Brewing Company just created another addition to their beer offerings, cans! Previously, you could only make a purchase at their taproom or using their growlers. With the addition of these cans they can now look at expanding their distribution in New York and New Jersey. You can purchase 4-packs or 24-can cases in the taproom throughout the month of November.

This is a nice addition to their ever expanding business, and more promotion of the City of Newburgh.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.58.39 AM

Photo via Newburgh Brewing Instagram

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  • It’s interesting that they chose cans (manufactured at the New Windsor facility ?) versus bottles.

    • They used a portable canning company to can them in their own facility. Why they chose that over bottles I am not sure. But they have a thing for collecting cans. They just installed a collection at the brewery.

  • Cans keep beer fresher, longer.
    “some craft beer fans argue that the can is actually superior to the glass bottle, mainly because it does a much better job of negating both oxygen and light exchange, fatal flaws in preserving beer flavor and shelf life. It can also be chilled faster. ”

    Newburgh Cream Ale. It ain’t your mother’s beer..

    • Really, I wouldn’t know. ; )
      I guess if Forbes says so it must be true. Dig deeper.

      • The point is not Forbes. It was just a well-worded summary that required attribution. Truth be told, it was Paul and Chris, the unstoppable duo of the brewery that provided me with a little education on the subject!
        Uncanny, isn’t it…

  • This is great news, I haven’t stopped in to eat there yet (pay check to pay check life). But know that I can swing by and pick up a 4 pack I will be doing so soon. Hope they brew porters.