Terrace Tavern Closed

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The local bar, Terrace Tavern, was closed last month. It has been a site of tension in recent years as the location of a hate crime, shootings, and loud patrons keeping neighbors up all  hours of the night. Yet, at the recent city council meeting [2:42:00 and 2:56:22 and 2:59:00] many stood up for the tavern, even stating that the owner maintains his sidewalk and even sweeps the storefronts of his neighbors. It is unclear whether their will be hope for the tavern to open again. It was nice in the past when they opened up the Fair Weather Café during the summers.

Does anybody else know the fate of the bar or what immediate neighbors felt about it? Have you ever been there and do you want it to stay open? It is in a prime location, right across the street from Washington’s HQ and around the corner from the East Parmenter neighborhood.

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  • Well by all means if there is alot of crime there let’s keep it open……

  • Used to go there for wed. night live jazz, 15 years ago. A lady named snookie had it, then sold it to Jack Sculley.Both are gone. Sorry to hear that it’s gone bad there.

  • A co-op dispensary, hey if its good for produce. I’m talking a large scale ‘grass’ roots effort that will put the vacant lots back on the tax roles, offer apprenticeships in horticulture, distribution, marketing… etc.. The Quassaick creek offers a cost efficient natural source for irrigation and the close proximity of rail,river and air transportation offer a distribution advantage. This is a ground floor opportunity as only 20 locations are to be selected across the state. Let the others have their casinos, we have a $ 4 mil. budget gap to fill asap…
    ; )

  • I’ve frequented there many times. The owners have always been top notch. The day time regulars were community people having deep roots within Newburgh for generations. The owners have updated the tavern greatly since the previous two owners. The outside patio is a great escape from the city itself. If you ever drove down liberty st you would notice the clean side walk. Cleaner than the rest of the block always.

  • I’ve been there a couple of times.. Nice place..

  • Shutting the tavern does not solve the crime problem as it’s just the easiest way to deal with it it. Shelters, snap cards, mandated healthcare, easy credit, accessible this & that, etc., they’ll all reactionary and illusory. So what now, the crime moves elsewhere and gets more concentrated. That was a lost opportunity for the ‘City and the locals that cared to flex their muscle and say “No, get off our streets”. Isn’t that what Newburgh has always done, just to enough to save face and not enough to manifest a real change with tptb feeding off this apathy. Yes, everything is going according to plan, “thanks for playing…btw, we’re going need another few $mil. to keep it going.” Not.

  • I had a friend who lived just down the street from it, can’t say i was ever bothered by loud bar goers.

  • We need to stop being hypocrite and associated to the Terrace Tavern, the crimes happening around. Even closed,stuff were still happening. Matt is a wonderful owner and a wonderful man.And I really don’t think it’s fair to blame him for other people stupidity.He ‘s not a police man or a security guard and can not control all the bad crowd. Of course the bar should reopen and maybe we and the city should help to create a safety atmosphere around it.This is a business which has been there too long to be unfairly closed that way.Matt is always taking care of the street by cleaning up the front of all our business and Liberty street needs help to keep the business open and to work as a unity.Even if I’m not promoting drinking,I don’t think closing bars is a solution.Wild people can still buy alcohol, drink outside and bring trouble ion every street. We just need to find a real solution to the real problems!
    I’m not a drinker so I’m not a customer but my husband goes there sometimes and enjoyed it !

  • I am thinking about moving to the area and was nearby just last week (April 2022) so stopped in. It’s a very old school place with a lot of regulars but really does not elevate the neighborhood and is actually a distraction from all the cool stuff that seems to be popping up. The newer locations (Toasted, Liberty Street Bistro, Ms. Fairfax) are all much better maintained, approachable, and charming.

    With that primo location, a different establishment could do a much better job of anchoring that block as an approachable, new space that injects some class and vivacity to the street. OR…..challenge the owner to create a space that will attract a clientele that does not drink all day. Seems like that customer can find something on Broadway.

    Quite honestly…..everyone in there was a heavy drinkier and even the owner appeared to be drunk.

    • So what you are suggesting is further gentrifying the area? The Terrace has been around for a long time and clientele that you hope to shoo away have also been around for a long time. The outside of the Bar is clean and more than presentable. The streets and sidewalks are cleaned by the owner very often. The owner is a City of Newburgh native and does right by his community.

      Just because this is not a bar you would frequent, does not mean the business should be closed. your definition of “elevating” the neighborhood is clearly to clear out those that have been there longest.