Weekly Link Round Up


The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Photo by NR flick pool user Steven Rosas

Non profit plans to transform vacant buildings into affordable housing [THR]
Restaurant Review: El Solar Cafe [HV Mag]
Universities Are Taking Neighborhood Engagement to the Next Level [Next City]
Wanted: More (and Better) Discourse on Designing Diverse Communities [City Lab]
Charging landlords: Is the purpose better rentals or just more revenue? [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
Historic, and Green, and Affordable, and at (Some) Scale? [Roof Lines]
Faith in land trusts [Boston Globe]

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One Comment

  • I smell desperation. It’s becoming trendy for non-profits (building, .ed or otherwise) and government to join hands to ‘save’ us. As per the ‘affordable’ housing coming on line; the only “signal” I see is that Newburgh is setting itself up to be an adjunct of FEMA. Too many people tapping into the well, ‘should be interesting.
    -“In terms of outcome — that is, people of modest means buying homes — the FHA’s own experience of shared equity housing has been excellent.” Of course it is, through largesse you helped build the bubble that exploded splattering responsible peeps with “shared equity”. Thanks.

    +1 for the restaurant review