Newburgh Candlelight Tour 2014

Crawford Collage

The annual Candlelight Tour of Newburgh architecture will take place this year on Sunday, December 14th. The self-guided tour taking will include over a dozen decorated homes. The authentically decorated 1830 Captain David Crawford House will start off the tour.

The house circuit features a diverse assortment of public and private spaces, including mansions, structures in rehabilitation process, new construction, architectural gems, and some of Newburgh’s most important landmarks.

An element of the Historical Society’s mission is to promote an appreciation for the region’s architectural significance. The annual Candlelight Tour of Homes showcases Newburgh as a center of architectural variety and beauty.

Admission: $30 Admission. Save $25 with advance purchase.

-Photos of Crawford House by Jillian Elder, Victory Designs

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  • Is this a walking tour? We’re coming in from Brooklyn and wanted to use public transportation. What’s the best way to get there?

    • I’ve walked the tour in the past, there’s enough time allotted to do so. That said, I’m a healthy resident and I don’t mind walking. Proper footwear is a ‘must have’ in general for Newburgh (the ‘historical’ aspect of the ‘City extends to the side walks). Make it a point to stop at the local drink and food purveyors while you’re out canvassing the neighborhoods, well worth it. Welcome.
      Click on the Visitor tab.

      • Thank you, Walt! I really appreciate your response. We definitely are walkers, but since we’ve never been to Newburgh, we just wanted to make sure it would be doable.

        • You may want to call (845) 561-2585 to get a sense of where this year’s properties are located. When I took this tour in 2012, there were properties on Broadway by Rite Aid, and properties on Dogwood Hills Rd (nearly 3.5 miles apart). There are usually properties that are clustered together and walkable, but whether or not you can see all on foot depends on how long you plan visiting each. I feel like there were between 20 and 30 properties when I took the tour. It is an excellent experience and a great source of renovation ideas!

  • Thirteen “undisclosed” stops…if that helps.