Safe Harbors of the Hudson Makes Over Artist Studios

Studio 1

Newburgh is really taking its artists studios to the next level. City-wide, work spaces like these are popping up. Little may know, but Safe Harbors of the Hudson also has artist studio space. Currently they are all rented out, but that hasn’t stopped them from improving the space for their tenants. If you remember what the space used to look like, artists shared a 4,000 sq ft common space that was only separated by curtains. Now, with this new configuration, artists will have private proper studios. Here are some photos of the new space.

If you are interested, there is a waiting list that you can add your name to. Just email Julie Lindell,

Below, what the space looked like before. Studios separated by curtains.


What the space will look like now. Quite an improvement, don’t you think? And to think, this was all a drug-ridden hotel a few years ago…

Studio 2

Studio 4

Studio 3

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  • Thanks for the profile, Cher! The studio will be open for everyone to see the evening of Saturday, March 21, during Ann Street Gallery’s opening reception for “It’s ok to be a Realist”, a group exhibition of representational art. And, shameless promotion…the gallery opening will be followed by a gospel and soul performance in the Lobby at 8pm.

  • Great art, music show, and people. And all due to the tireless efforts of Safe Harbors, Ann St Gallery and Ritz employees.