Art About Water


Newburgh is a city that was built up by the river. It’s future also lies with this valuable resource, and it has got people talking and inspiring creativity. Join the forum Friday, April 24 at 5pm in Kaplan Hall, SUNY Orange, discussing the importance of water.

Another aspect of this event that is equally exciting is the art exhibitions curated by Gerardo Castro, who also was part of the Lightbulb Project we all love so much. The opening exhibit will be Saturday, April 25 6-9pm. They will be held in 4 different locations:

  1.  Newburgh Art Supply  5 Grand Street
  2.  Healing Arts Studio at 75 Broadway
  3. Space Create   115 Broadway
  4. Teran Studio   119 Broadway

For more information go to their website, or Facebook Fanpage.