Real Estate: 109 1st St $89,000

109 1st St Newburgh NY

This is a quaint house in need of work on a desirable block in Newburgh. It’s located just opposite the houses of Quality Row designed in 1835. Those houses are now national historic landmarks and in 1836 Thomas Edison stayed there as a guest while establishing the Edison Illuminating Company. While this house doesn’t have any notable historic attachments to it, the Quality Row houses are well maintained. Purchasing and restoring this home will add to the improvements already being made here and the Quality Row homeowners I have met are very friendly.

109 1st St Newburgh NY (River Realty)
Asking Price: $89,000
Year Built: 1900 – probably earlier
Size: 1,312 sq ft
Neighborhood: Quality Row
Taxes: n/a
Distance to NYC: 58.1 mi, 1 hour 9 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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  • Cool, I’ve always wondered what the interior of this house looked like. Seems to have at least two different and interesting old mantels. No yard and no parking, though, right? I love the eyebrow windows and the transom over the front door, and it appears that the basement might be high enough to be used for some living space as well. According to the East End Historic District Survey, this house was built in 1840, so newer than Quality Row, but not all that much newer. They say it’s a
    “One and one half story, three bay residence; gabled roof; asbestos siding; 3/3 eyebrow, 6/6 and 8/1 windows; entry has molded surround, transom with leaded glass; new glazed and paneled door; wood landing with plain wood railing; good condition.” I hope it doesn’t lose any more original details, whoever buys it.

    • OK, now I’m heartbroken! When the price on thios place lowered to 85 grand, I was so hoping someone would come along and restore it to its original beauty. Instead I just found out that its integrity has been basically destroyed. All the moldings outside (and probably inside) are gone. The fireplaces were ripped out, and so are the chimneys. The first floor has been turned into one single modern room and they are now selling it, with an asking price of 400 grand, no less! There are so, so many gutted or just abandoned houses in Newburgh to do this kind of thing to…why buy a beautifully detailed antique home only to remove all it’s architectural character and try to make it look modern???? I have to go mourn.

      • I noticed it being resided last year around the time of the ‘open studios’ as I commented to my better half about the, say…, impromptu asbestos removal. Fwiw, the RE listing gives a nod to the “stunning 1840s original stair case”. I’m not sure what is meant by “water views”…perhaps before the DPW repaired the main. Nor is “on Quality Row”. Aside, this is the second newly restored, ‘er, renovated home mentioned here with an asking price way above the $70kish assessment. Either the buyers are going to be hit hard the following year or the Assessor’s been ‘distracted’… again.