Weekly Link Round Up


The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. “Ann St artists” by Brian Wolfe

Resurrecting Newburgh [Guardian]
Landers Street Apartments Grand Opening Step Forward for Newburgh [TWC]
Newburgh considers curfew in hopes of reducing crime [Mid Hudson News]
Editorial: Newburgh can help by banning the box [THR]

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  • -As per the Guardian…what’s your point? The “democracy” is a success, the ‘republic’ is failing.
    -“They’re affordable housing for workforce people in the city. People who can afford to pay rent, but not market rent,”. ‘Er, a subsidized economy is not a “market” economy (almost $1.2 million in public funding underwrote the project). At its peak this property was valued at half that. LBs are teflon conduits designed to clear the RE fiasco, providing a flimsy artificial floor on property values. The OSB of market intervention.
    -Curfew ? ‘Can’t get enough of the nanny state? I suggest the police drop off the violators at the proponent council member’s homes for detainment at their expense.
    -Ban the Box…semantics.

  • Can’t agree more about the “workforce” housing scam. More poverty housing- with reduced tax rates(that are made up by the shrinking number of unstable homeowners)- in a community that doesn’t have suitable, reliable transportation to outside jobs, few jobs within the city, impractical parking regulations. We have so much subsidized housing that our market rate is based on Section 8. A rate that is far too high for the uninhabitable hovels. These new developments offer replacement housing for a very limited number of residents playing musical chairs. It’s Newburgh running in place, keeping poverty intact, bankrolling exploitative developers(with our tax dollars and deceptive bank “settlement money” converted into political graft) and providing photo-ops for self-centered politicians.

    My comment in the Guardian was a little difficult to decipher out of context but it relates directly to this situation. Here we have a city with the infrastructure(albeit failing), location, surrounding beauty and other key amenities that, with the machinations put in place by our founding fathers, should be a thriving example of what they envisioned- no matter what you want to call it.