Community Conversation Recap

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If you weren’t one of the 48 people that attended the Community Conversation two weeks ago, don’t worry. He’s a breakdown of what happened. According to organizer, Arianna Koudounas, this past Saturday was a strong affirmation that Newburgh is a place where things are happening and where there is plenty of room for growth and opportunity.

The afternoon began with a presentation from Peter Malone, speaking on behalf of the City of Newburgh’s “A River of Opportunities” campaign to attract New York-based businesses and investors to fill vacant warehouse space in Newburgh. Next, Community Conversation participants dug in deep by joining one of two breakout sessions. Ozioma Egwuonwu of Burnbright International led the discussion on Civic Innovation. Gerardo Castro of Newburgh Art Supply / Gerardo Castro Art and Will Teran of Teran Studio led the discussion on how to strengthen and promote the Arts Community of Newburgh.

The Conversation ended on an uplifting note with possibilities in the air of taking the next gathering to the streets, sometime this summer, in the way of an action-oriented event where community members might identify potential areas for activating public spaces or maximizing how best to utilize them. As of yet, the date, location, and specific agenda is open for discussion. Please send your ideas and suggestions directly to Arianna (

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